Implementing a bid management framework

A tender submission is a perfect opportunity to sell your brand to key decision makers with a targeted message. Uber Marketing can assist with preparing and responding to large bids and tenders, so you get the right result.

We can help with your bid management

Utilise our copywriting and sales skills to help with preparing the entire tender response. Alternatively, we can help you define a strategy for the response or highlight which areas you should focus on.

Optimise your Executive Summary

The ‘Executive Summary’ is one of the most important sections of the document – yet it is often overlooked when responding to tenders. Sadly, many great projects don’t get off the ground because decision-makers won’t read past the first two pages. The marketing strategists and copywriters at Uber Marketing will collaborate with your team to prepare a sophisticated Executive Summary that will compel decision-makers to read on.

You can determine how much assistance you need from us. Let Uber Marketing assist you with the entire submission, or just the Executive Summary and corporate motherhood sections.

Save time and prepare a better response

If tender submission is a key element of your sales strategy, talk to us about implementing a Bid Management Framework. Putting a framework in place will shave hours off bid preparation times and streamline the process, ensuring a more professional, corporate-quality finish.

Train your team

In addition to preparing bids, we can run workshops with your sales team to enhance their ability to respond to these documents. Running one of our sessions will increase the effectiveness of your responses and ensure you are short listed for more opportunities.

Find out how we can help prepare your winning bid.