Branding, visual identity and logos

Your brand is one of your most valuable assets. At Uber Marketing, we partner with you to craft a strong brand that stands out in the overcrowded market place. We develop strong logos and visual identity to aid organisations in connecting emotionally with customers. Our visual communication integrates with copy and promotions to create a cohesive marketing message that will be remembered.

Building your brand

A cohesive brand is the foundation on which all marketing activity is founded. More than just appealing graphics and attractive font, your visual identity must be approached with marketing strategy in mind.

Uber Marketing works with you to define a brand and visual identity that best reflects your business through logos, colour schemes, layout and font. We undertake market research to identify the visual triggers that will make your brand memorable and appealing for your target market. We then guide you through the launch and management of your brand both internally and externally, to leverage all existing brand equity and propel your message to a wider customer community.

Brand management

Uber Marketing can also assist with your brand management. We can establish and implement corporate branding for your business that will unify your visual identity across all client touch-points and media. Our graphic designers can prepare easy-to-follow templates and style guides that will save your administrative team time preparing documents. This will help you easily leverage your visual assets across all correspondence, enhancing your brand credibility and recognition.

Why is branding important?

Your customers and the market see your brand as an implied promise. The equity in your brand represents the level of quality your customers and stakeholders can expect from your business — by developing and managing your brand you can build and increase this brand equity and the value of your business.

Brand development and management doesn’t need to be a costly exercise. So long as branding is approached with clear goals, strategy and market analysis, branding will provide a rapid ROI delivering long-term value and enhancing your corporate identity.

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