Social media marketing - Making your brand memorable

Making your brand memorable via social media marketing

Social media is word-of-mouth at the speed of light. It’s a virtual environment where people connect to friends and family and access news and entertainment. Most importantly for you, social media marketing represents a new way for prospects to interact with your business.

Having a social media marketing strategy that engages with your customers on a personal level is a cost effective way to communicate with current customers and expand your customer base. By developing a social media strategy that is catered to your business, Uber Marketing can help you harness online tools to direct your brand’s reputation and influence customer decisions.

Get your brand’s voice heard

Many businesses are using social media today but very few are using it effectively. Uber Marketing will help you establish and manage your business’ social media marketing to convert your followers and friends to devoted customers.

Developing consistency in your brand’s visual and written communication is essential to taking control of your online reputation. Our online marketing team collaborate with you to develop personalised communication that will drive leads to your business.

Editorial calendar

By developing an editorial calendar with pre-prepared broadcasts for your social media platforms, you can easily maintain a consistent brand voice across multiple platforms.
Uber Marketing’s social media marketing strategists write material that entertains, informs and rewards your customers while directing them to make purchases.

An editorial calendar will also help you integrate social media marketing with other traditional forms of marketing, creating a cohesive brand.

Manage your online reputation

Many businesses see the interactive nature of social media as a risk to their brand equity. Our personalised editorial calendar is designed to eliminate that risk by developing consistent and appealing content that can be pre-approved by you.

If you’re not already online, chances are your competitors are! The biggest risk on social media isn’t what you say, it’s what you don’t say. Uber Marketing will manage your online reputation by engaging with customers and prospects in their online communities.

Soft sell

Social media marketing is a way to direct your customers to your product or service by ‘soft selling’ through editorial content, rather than demanding a sale through traditional ‘interruption’ marketing.

Social media doesn’t look or feel like an advertisement; because it’s used by your customers to stay in touch with friends and family, to access news and to share experiences, it is a trusted environment for information. Because it is interactive, social media allows your customer to be a participant in your brand’s message, not a passive observer.

Your customers are already using social media and, chances are, so are your competitors. Why not take advantage of the communication potential of social media? We can develop a social media strategy for your business that can help you connect to valuable customers.

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